A resource page for the Craft of Spinning, Knitting, Dying and Felting.

I have been spinning, dying, designing knitwear and generally enjoying this craft now for many years and along with writing have found it one of the most theurapeutic hobbies I have.

Many a great plot has been formulated as my jumpers have been spun and dyed.  It has also saved my sanity over the last few years !!

I find that spinning isn't something I do , but is something I am - I met the best friend a person could ever have through spinning, and I enjoy being in the company of the members of the Guilds.

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I write about my day-to-day journey in craft and creativity in my blog, and always welcome comment and any projects you wish to share.

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You can find further information about Spinning, Dying and Weaving from:-

Association of Guilds of Spinners, Dyers and Weavers: http://www.wsd.org.uk/

The Association site is a good place to start, it contains a number of excellent links and resources, as well as details of local guilds and places to purchase equipment.

Snail Trail Handweavers - courses in weaving and spinning with accommodation in a very friendly atmosphere located in South Wales : http://www.snail-trail.co.uk

Ruth Gough at Wingham Woolworks is one of my favourite spinning supplies resource - excellent site, and very helpful to beginners as well as experienced. http://www.winghamwoolwork.co.uk/

http://www.ashford.co.nz/home/home-frameset.htm The home of the Ashford Spinning Wheels, simple and functional answer to equipment - excellent fibre club and magazine.

Spin Off Magazine - produced by Interweave - they also produce weaving and knitting magazines - all of a very high calibre and inspirational: http://www.interweave.com/spin/spinoff_magazine/default.asp

A Fun Site about Learning to Knit: