The past is a minefield of interesting storylines

None of us just appear on this world, we are informed by our genes, upbringing, life, friends and people we just happen to know in a nodding acquaintance sort of way. I have particularly found this to be true since starting this site. A lot of correspondence is generated surrounding people who have lived amazing lives and want to write them down, others who, stuck for a storyline, look to their relatives' pasts to inspire.

I have also found these sites a brilliant source for names, when you have the character in your minds' eye, but the name just won't come !!

There are excellent books to be found on researching family trees and making connections with the past.  Don't forget Library archives, Churches and County Council resources.

Top Tips : ~ Don't forget to ~

Chat to your relatives

Label Photographs with dates, locations and names
Write things down at the time or just after.

I have come across this link which I find fascinating, when placing myself in the context of the world:-

C r e a t i v e   W o m e n ' s   N e t w o r k

Creative Women’s Network – provides a showcase and business advertising for creative women, writers, artists, poets etc, plus articles, poetry, links, free classified ads for women, words of inspiration and online Jewellery shop.

Many of you have admired my marketing and promotional stationery (as well as chuckling at my personalised stuff).  I have promised you the details and here they are. Vistaprint have supplied all my marketing and printing goods since I started this initiative, and I have been very impressed with the quality, ease of ordering and speed of service.